Lucky Hook Charters

InShore, Offshore, & Canyon Sportsfishing Clinton, CT

Lucky Hook Charters welcomes the newest addition
to our charter fleet in 2014....the Lucky Lady!
Daily trips out of Clinton, CT throughout the 2014 fishing season.

The Lucky Lady will set sail on the following dates :

10/10 Friday Porgy One Trip  8AM-2PM
10/11 Saturday Porgy/Sea Bass One Trip  9AM-3PM
10/12 Sunday Porgy/Sea Bass One Trip  9AM-3PM
10/13  Monday Porgy/Sea Bass 8AM-2PM

10/14  Tuesday No Trip
10/15 Wednesday Porgy/Sea Bass  8AM-2PM

10/16  Thursday  No Trip  
10/17 Friday Porgy/Sea Bass One Trip  8AM-2PM
10/18 Saturday Porgy/Sea Bass One Trip    8AM-2PM
 10/19  Sunday Porgy/Sea Bass One Trip  9AM-3PM
10/20  Monday
Porgy/Sea Bass One Trip 
10/21  Tuesday No Trip 
10/22 Wednesday Porgy/Sea Bass  8AM-2PM

10/23  Thursday  No Trip  
10/24 Friday Porgy/Sea Bass One Trip  8AM-2PM
10/25 Saturday Porgy/Sea Bass OneTrip    8AM-2PM
 10/26 Sunday Porgy/Sea Bass One Trip  9AM-3PM
10/27  Monday Porgy/Sea Bass One Trip  8AM-2PM

Captain reserves the right to cancel if fewer than 8 passengers. 

  Today's Catch 

Great Week of fishing on the Luck Lady!  Want to join the fun?           
Then come sail the Lucky Lady on one of our upcoming trips .


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Welcome aboard Lucky Hook Charters! We invite you to come enjoy a day of world class Inshore /Offshore Sport Fishing with USCG Master Captain Tony Notaro II on his stunning forty eight foot Dixon Down East/Sportfishing Vessel, the Lucky Hook. New to our fleet  in 2014  is the Lucky Lady, a spacious  65 foot Gilligan Vessel. The Lucky Lady is a open party boat and will leave Clinton daily (no reservations required).
  Boating with Lucky Hook Charters is like being on the water with an old reliable friend; no stress, no hassle, no worries. We are determined to make your fishing trip worth it!

Captain Tony

Tuna, shark, canyon and trophy striped bass Charter Boat fishing is what we do best. Offshore Fishing includes Tuna, Marlin, Cod, Mahi Mahi, and Shark fishing. Inshore fishing on our charter boat consists  of striped bass, bluefish, fluke, scup, porgy, Sea Bass, and Blackfish. Lucky Hook Charters has the experience and equipment to help you land the catch of a lifetime. Lucky Hook Charters is a premier CT fishing charter  and specializes in a personalized boating experience, second to none on the beautiful waters of Long Island Sound, and beyond. We go where the fish are!


                   Lucky Hook Charters would like to thank
                 everyone that came  out to support us at the:
                   2014 New England Saltwater Fishing Show
                    2014 Northeast Fishing and Hunting Show
                        2014 Springfield Sportsmen's Show


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Want to Fish?
 But don't have anyone to go with?

We can make it happen by putting together a group charter trip for anyone who  wants to fish but doesn't have a full group!                                                                          Please contact Capt Tony directly:   (860)581-FISH(860)581-FISH

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