Lucky Hook Charters

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Inshore Fishing Trips
Full/Half Day or Evenings
                                                                                   Stripers, Bluefish, Fluke, Blackfish, Sea Bass, Porgy
Five or seven hour trips available. The time of year determines the species we target as we fish the world class waters of Long Island Sound. Our main quarry is Striped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, Porgies, Blackfish, and Sea Bass. Porgy family oriented trips available, great for the kids. Maximum of 6 Anglers.

Please check calendar for hours.
Full Day                                                7 Hours                 $800     
 Half Day              5 Hours                 $600      
Evenings                                                 5 Hours                $600       



Offshore Fishing Trips  Full Day

Offshore trips are our specialty!  Fish the legendary waters south of Montauk and beyond.  Drift for monster sharks and get ready to hook on to a Blue, Thresher, or Mako shark . Or choose a Tuna trip and troll/chunk  for Bluefin, Yellowfin, Mahi-Mahi, and Albacore. In the winter the Codfish are in prime season.  Maximum of 6 Anglers.

Shark Fishing                          Overnight 24 hour trip      $2000
Shark Fishing                             4AM - 8PM                         $1550   


Weekend Canyon Trips 

World Class Deep Sea Fishing at the canyon. Maximum of 6 Anglers. Troll and drift along the continental shelf for two consecutive days.  These plankton-rich waters of the north mix with the warm waters of the Gulf Stream and bring in multiple species of fish including Blue Fin, Yellow Fin, Albacore & Big Eye Tuna,  Marlin,  Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and a variety of sharks. Trips are overnighters, the Lucky Hook sleeps 6. This trip is a true adventure in world class big game fishing!

Canyon                    50 Hours                                   $3850                   

                      If you need any additional information or  if you are ready to reserve your 
                            trip,  please contact Captain Tony directly at (860) 581-FISH
                                      or by email 

                                    ~  50% Deposit required at time of booking
                                    ~  All bait and tackle provided
                                    ~  Gift Certificates are available

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our trips:

What should I bring?
Make sure that you bring along food, beverages, sunglasses and sunscreen, a light jacket and hat, foul weather gear, non-marking soft sole shoes, and don't forget cameras and coolers for your catch. Dramamine or other motion sickness medication should be taken the night before your trip and again in the morning when you wake.

How many people can we bring?
US Coast Guard regulations only allow six passengers on board whether they are fishing or not.

What is a customary tip for the Mate?
Our mates work hard to ensure that you have a good day. The customary tip is generally 15-20% of the charter fee.

Is alcohol allowed?
Beer (as well as soft drinks) can be brought onboard in cans/plastic bottles only. Hard Liquor is not allowed.

     ~Captain reserves the right to cancel up to departure time due to unsafe or adverse
      weather conditions. If a future date cannot be scheduled a full refund will be given.~






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